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12 Sep 2016 11:00 #548 by Matthias S
Clients übertragen zwischen APs was created by Matthias S
Plane 2 aps. bei meinen bisherigen aps unter der selben ssid gab es schwierigkeiten mit der verbindung. übergabe von einem ap zum anderen möglich?
12 Sep 2016 11:01 #549 by marcom
Replied by marcom on topic Clients übertragen zwischen APs
Dear customer, passing from one AP to the other is a question related mainly to client itself.
It should connect to AP with stronger signal. Unifi radios has a special feature called "Zero Hand-off" that simplify this transfer and let clients go from one AP to other ones without any interruption. However Unifi-AP-AC-LITE doesn't support it yet. You should buy the not "LITE" one.
Moreover you shuold have Unifi Controller always active, on a PC/server or using Unifi Cloud Key.
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