LS-33300CB L-Switch CEA-709 Router

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LS-33300CB L-Switch CEA-709 Router


CEA-709 Router, 3 x TP/FT-10

The L-SwitchXP is the solution for interconnecting multiple twisted pair channels (TP/FT-10 or TP/XF-1250 channels) in LonMark Systems. It provides up to five ports and routes packets between these ports. The L-SwitchXP router delivers first class performance and flexibility in use. In order to provide the optimal router configuration, the L-SwitchXP comes with two, three, or five ports and two operating modes “Smart Switch Mode” and “Configured Router Mode”.


Physical separation and logical connection of up to five CEA‑709 network segments
TP/‌FT‑10 channels are compatible with link power
Compliant with CEA-709 and ISO/‌IEC 14908-1 (LonMark System)
Can be used as configured router, learning switch, or as repeater (Smart Switch mode)
Plug and play installation (Smart Switch mode)
Forwards packets of up to 256 bytes length
Supports up to four domains (Smart Switch mode)
Learning of the topology with forwarding decision based on subnet/node and group addresses (Smart Switch mode)
Short propagation delay between ports
Network diagnostic LEDs
CEA-709 status and activity LED
Shapes for LonMaker® Network Management Tool available

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