NIC709-IP3E100C Remote network interface (RNI)

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NIC709-IP3E100C Remote network interface (RNI), PC connection via Ethernet/IP, Supports a LonMark TP/FT-10 channel

LOYTEC NICs are the most universal network interfaces for CEA‑709 and IP‑852 (Ethernet/IP) channels. Based on LOYTEC’s Core Technologies, they offer high packet rates and short response times. All NICs are fully compatible with products like NL220, ALEX, LonMaker®, and other LNS® applications. The NICs are also compatible with NodeUtil32, NLUtil, OPC servers, and high performance ORION applications.

The multiplexed network interface (MNI) support allows starting multiple LNS® or MIP applications to run in parallel with an LPA on a single network interface.


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