RESI-4LED-MODBUS Comando striscie LED via MODBUS

255,00 €

RESI-4LED-MODBUS:Serial interface module from RS485 with MODBUS/RTU slave protocol to 12 dimmable PWM LED output channels for direct connection of LED stripes (RGB, dual white or monocolour LED stripes)

4LED modules communicate via RS485 interface with MODBUS/RTU slave protocol or a text based ASCII protocol (RESI-xxx-ASCII).

The modules offer 4 independent LED groups with three individual dimmable LED channel each, to control and fade commonly used LED stripes. This can be RGB-LED
stripes, dual white LED stripes or mono color LED stripes with common anode. The module offers twelve PWM dimmable channels (400Hz), organized in
four LED groups with external power supply 0..48Vdc, max. 360W@24Vdc for each LED group.

The product is suitable for applications in ships, hotel rooms,
shops, bars, private living, meeting rooms, public areas, fountains, … Everywhere, where you want to add some LED light effects to your installation!

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