Lettore RFID integrabile 1-WIRE

MPN: 1W-H5-05-M12
26,00 €

M-IBT-RFID+READ:Lettore RFID integrabile 1-WIRE

 MINI RFID 125kHz reader equivalente a  iButton DS1990 1 wire output

The RFID reader is designed to be hidden behind upholstery, thin walls, plastic case etc.

• The RFID reader reads-out the popular RFID tag that works in EM4100 (Manchester encoded) or compatible standard with 125kHz frequency.
• Each tag has its own unique identification number.
• The reader send the data via 1 wire bus. Supported commands: 0x33/0x0F (READ ROM) and 0x0F (SEARCH ROM) (different protocols can be available on request)
• Power supply - 6.5V-32V (3V - 5V version available on request)
• Max. current - 25mA
• Reading distance - 3cm-5cm
• Internal antenna diameter - 28mm

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