WIREXpert 500 IE

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WIREXpert 500 IE: Il tester più affidabile per la certificazione del cablaggio LAN di rame

WireXpert 500

Il tester più affidabile per la certificazione del cablaggio LAN di rame

Certify up to 10Gbits/sec cabling in a few seconds
It is increasingly common today for electrical contractors to get projects for installing network cabling systems. WireXpert 500 allows you to maximize the value you can provide to your customers, without adding complexity or heavy cost. Your technicians can certify copper cabling systems from CAT5e to CAT6A (Class D to Class EA) easily with WireXpert 500, allowing you to produce professional test reports for your customer.


Unsurpassed measurement accuracy reveals hidden faults in the telecommunication cabling, thus eliminating complaints

Ultra-fast measurement and certification procedures in combination with practical test features expedite your workflow. It takes just 9 seconds per cabling link to perform the specified measurements and data analysis

Highly accurate results and professional reporting provide customer-ready output

Intuitive user interface on a large color LCD touchscreen makes it easy for anyone to operate the unit


WireXpert 500

2x Main certification test units
2x Li-Ion batteries
2x Stylus with Cords
2x Display protection cover
2x CAT 6A Permanent Link Adapter
2x CAT 6A Permanent Link Test Cords
2x CAT 6A Channel Adapter
USB Stick with reference manual and software
2x Talk set
2x AC Power Adapters
2x Country Specific Power Cords
Calibration certificate
Quick Reference Guide
Carry bag

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