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Banana PRO

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Banana PRO Banana Pro Board is an update version of Banana PiTM, designed by LeMaker Team and it has more enhanced features. Banana ProTM has an excellent compatibility with multiply software supports. Basically all mainstream Linux-based operating system can run on Banana ProTM, with the version of Lubuntu, Android, Debian, Bananian, Berryboot, OpenSuse, Scratch, Fedora, Gentoo, Open MediaVault, OpenWRT.Banana ProTM also supports BSD system . What can I do with Banana Pro? Banana ProTM applies to a wide range of fields. Including: low-cost computer for education purpose, multimedia applications, scratch,arduino,game emulator,home server, robot and so on. Hardware Specification of Banana ProTM Soc Allwinner® A20(sun 7i) CPU ARM® Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core1GHz (ARM v7 instruction set) GPU Mali400MP2 Complies with OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1 (hardware acceleration support) SDRAM 1GB DDR3 (shared with GPU) Power 5V @ 2A via MicroUSB (DC in Only) and/or MicroUSB (OTG) PMU AXP209 Interface definition: Sizes 92 mm × 60mm Weight 45g Package: 1 x Banana Pro 1 x WiFi Antenna 1 x Heatsink 1 x Original package box


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