locked GPS Sync for Ubiquiti AirMAX

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How GPS Sync Works
GPS Sync™ eliminates problems that occur with multiple access points (APs) that are co‑located. When GPS Sync is enabled, all synchronized APs will transmit at the same time and receive at the same time. The result is a drastic reduction in co-location interference.
Each AP has a GPS receiver and synchronizes its transmissions to the GPS timing signal – no connection between APs is required. To use GPS Sync, all APs must have GPS receivers and all radios must be running airOS® version 8.3 or above.

Performance Expectations
  • Co-location interference will be drastically reduced.
  • Frequency reuse will be possible in properly designed networks.
  • Latency will be 2-3x the frame duration (for example, latency for a 5 ms frame = 10-15 ms) and remain consistent.
  • TCP throughput will be 20% higher than competing products with the same radio configuration.
  • A 5-ms frame provides lower latency, while an 8-ms frame provides higher throughput.
  • In flexible mode, the capacity of the AP is the average of downlink and uplink capacity. When using fixed framing, it is the sum of downlink and uplink capacity.
  • Retries and scheduling may affect the instantaneously observed latency.

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