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Dear support,
we have two different daikin lines, each with 1 external unit and 16 internal ones. These two lines were configured by different companies and both have used same addresses for internal units.
Is it possibile to use a single Coolmasternet and retrieve datas from both?
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08/09/2016 10:55 #533 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic Merge two daikin lines
If you are bringing 2 D3 net lines to one location, you can connect it to the same port on L1 (no need to open another port for that).
Also, the addresses are per indoor, not per outdoor.
Now, if both systems have similar addresses on their indoors, you will need:
  1. Either change addresses on the indoors and use one port
  2. Buy license for the L2 port and do nothing on the HVAC side

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