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We have a question about CoollMasterNet.

We have 3 mistubischi electric bus in a building. Customer asks us if it is possible to manage it with our Crestron processor; We saw the CoolMasterNet has 7 Lines input on board; but is it possibile to manage all of these buses togher on only one coolmasternet? or do we need more CoolMasterNet?

Where we need to connect it?

some additional information:

- Internal FCU is a PLFY-P25VFM-E1
- External unit are a PURY-P250 YLM-A1 and a PURY-P200 YLM-A1
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21/03/2017 08:59 #797 da marcom
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Actually, you can wire all 3 Mitsubishi systems in one bus, if there is not more than 50 indoor units.

You need to daisy chain them by Tb7 communication line.

In this case, you will only need one CoolMasterNet.
If not, you will need 2 CoolMasterNet units, + additional HVAC port license for one of them.

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