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11/05/2017 14:45 #894 da Luke
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Dear support
I'm using CoolMasterNet with SANYO
I have a problem

I have more units in a single room. But I have only one temperature probe in that room.
BTICINO driver isn’t able to split the temperature to 3 units in the same room

Is it possible to group units in the same room?
Thanks for feedback
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11/05/2017 14:46 #895 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic Group units in Coolmasternet
Good day,

First - I would suggest updating the newest firmware (attached). The procedure is here:

You may group the 3 units, however you will e able to control all 3 by sending commands to the one (master).
If that is what you are expecting, please use PuTTY to connect to CoolMasterNet and to execute commands:

The command to group is (if you decide that the master is L1.101)
group L1.101 L1.102

group L1.101 L1.103

By sending a command 'on' to L1.101, L1.102 and L1.103 will turn on as well.

Thank you

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