normal How do I change a name of the Indoor unit on LCD

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18/04/2016 10:11 #207 da Fabrice
Coolmaster automatically discover units connected to its bus. But it is difficult to associate unit U01, U02 with its location..

It there a way to set my own name for each unit?
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18/04/2016 10:12 #208 da marcom
How do I change a name of the Indoor unit on LCD screen
Below command will give Indoor unit L1.101 a name "Room 1"
>props L1.101 name Room 1
To remove name and return to L1.101
>props L1.101 name_
Space after name is vital.

Below command will make Indoor unit L1.101 invisible on LCD screen
>props L1.101 visible 0
To make it back visible:
>props L1.101 visible 1

Take into account the fact that invisibility is related only to LCD screen and it does not affect ls command output

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