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  • marani
  • Avatar di marani
03/01/2018 13:12
Change coolmasternet IP

You must open a TELNET connection to TCP port 10102
You can use for example Putty software

  • digvijay
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03/01/2018 06:47
Change coolmasternet IP

which software is this, please also let me know about hardware connection.

  • marcom
  • Avatar di marcom
18/04/2016 10:18
Change coolmasternet IP

Dear Valentine,

In order to query or configure Ethernet network settings the command is ifconfig.
To access Coolmasternet configuration interface please read THIS POST

Without parameters, ifconfig command will list current configuration. To change configuration use format with <PROPERTY> and <VALUE>. Parameter IP can be set to DHCP (DHCP client) or fixed IP number. In case of DHCP - Netmask and Gateway values are provided by DHCP server. By default CoolMasterNet is configured for DHCP client operation. CoolMasterNet Ethernet module can be enabled or disabled with corresponding command.



MAC    : 28:3B:96:FF:FF:FE    
Link   : Up                   
IP     : (DHCP) 

Configure fixed IP and Gateway
>ifconfig IP    
OK, Boot Required!            
>ifconfig Gateway 
OK, Boot Required!

Configure DHCP client operation
>ifconfig IP DHCP             

Disable Ethernet
>ifconfig disable             
OK, Boot Required!

  • Valentine
  • Avatar di
18/04/2016 10:15
Change coolmasternet IP

I need to set static IP to coolmasternet. I have no way to use dhcp server.
please help!!!!!

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