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30/08/2016 16:06 - 30/08/2016 16:07 #511 da Jarosław
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I have a question about EnergyCam solutions.
We have a counter like on the picture ( from polish ), and we don't have possibility to add impulse output.
So we would like to use EnergyCam solutions.

When I use a solution with energyCam i can read data via Modbus RTU ?

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30/08/2016 16:09 #512 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic METRIX G6 counter
It is possible to use ENERGYCAM 2 .

The Metrix G6 gas meter not be problem for Energycam 2.0, although we do not have this specific model in our data base yet.

The 3 decimals (,870) might not be recognized due to the poor contrast of the white digit on red.

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