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normal Protonode Lonworks devices simulation

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12/05/2017 08:35 #896 da Anonimi
Protonode Lonworks devices simulation è stato creato da Anonimi
Dear support,
a customer has different Lonworks devices with a specific xif file and progID.
He has also another device with modbus RTU protocol and he would like to integrate it into Lonworks bus, making it acting like a lonworks unit.
I mean: same xif interface file and same progID, in order to let this device appear like lonworks units.
Is it possible with protonode doing such configuration?
I think that setting same progID via configuration file and creating exactly same variables (names and types) it should work, but I would like to know what do you think about that.
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12/05/2017 08:42 #897 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic Protonode Lonworks devices simulation
Yes, this can be done.
The program id can be set using the SPID parameter:

The lon points can be configured using the same name, same SNVT type, and in the same order.

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