normal LED blinks on Picostation

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27/10/2016 18:03 #627 da Patrik
LED blinks on Picostation è stato creato da Patrik
I havea Picostation unreachable.
Its LED lit strangely..
Could you help me understand their meaning?
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27/10/2016 18:04 #628 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic LED blinks on Picostation
Alternating LEDs (1 and 3 of the signal strength alternating with 2 and 4)

Ubiquiti's documentation says this is caused by about any sort of hardware failure, that does seem to be the case. Sometimes it is the CAT5 cable's fault. Sometimes the POE injector, etc.

Flashing Signal LEDs (1 - 4 of the signal flash)

With the latest AirOS, this seems to indicate that the SSID matches but the security key does not. Interestingly, this does not seem to apply to the older PicoStations (Picostation HPs with version 3 or 4 AirOS). Not sure if that is a hardware model change or a firmware change.

All LEDs flash on and off (all 6 LEDs flash simultaneously)
I only saw this once. The picostation was working intermittently. I did a site survey and found out that there were 22 APs on the same channel!!! Switched channel and LEDs returned to normal.

Link LED blinks

The <-> seems to only flash when it is trying to grab a DHCP IP address. It does not seem to indicate activity ever. Is that correct? Does this LED indicate link to a POE or Ethernet? Did that ever change (seems like it has)

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