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14/04/2017 14:22 #828 da Hendrix
ZTelemetry Software and features è stato creato da Hendrix
Hello! Where may I found latest ZR Softwares? What are main features?
Thnak you
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14/04/2017 14:23 #829 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic ZTelemetry Software and features
Dear customer,

you can find latest software following that link:

Latest manual:
Highlight Features:
Now it can read profiles of Itron, Elster, Iskra, EMH, Landis, Pozyton...
It has 5 driver, opens 5 sockets and reads simultaneously now, ok for hundreds of meters reading
ZR cloud integration on the way, will be ready in a month
GSM connectivity is on the way ( many people form Italy also asks), i will inform you when ready.

Any requests are welcome.

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