normal ModbusRTU on gateway for EMH LZQJ

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30/05/2017 08:43 #940 da Cristian
ModbusRTU on gateway for EMH LZQJ è stato creato da Cristian
Hello, I need information for the GW-DLMS-Modbus device for EMH LZQJ With RS232.
I can read data by ModBus TCP, but I can not read data by ModBus RTU 485.
If you change the date, after rebooting shows the original date (01/01/1970)
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30/05/2017 08:44 #941 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic ModbusRTU on gateway for EMH LZQJ
Dear Cristian,

gateway DLMS has no RTC so when you reboot it, it looses set date and time.
This is not a problem, however. In fact date and time is not used by gateway: on modbus registers it returns with date and time read from meter itself.
About ModbusRTU on RS485, it should be enabled. You have to enter on PLC Setup menu and set COM2 serial parameters, together with modbus ID on COM2 port.
Please check correct cable polarity on Fieldbus port of gateway.
On RS485 port it has exactly same registers as on ModbusTCP ethernet one.
Best regards

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