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10/03/2019 14:47 #1611 da Basim
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I am facing problem in connecting ADDAD-4 meter using RS485. The connection never starts and gives error "Physical layer disconnected" followed by "timeout". Is this gateway applicable to all DLMS devices or some specific ?, Because the layndis is all working fine.
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11/03/2019 09:27 #1612 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic DLMS to MODBUS
The easiest way to communicate with ADDAD-4 is to start with an existing project. While installing the sw, there is an option to install the project file under a folder on destop. One of this projects is for ADDAD-4, open it, change the COM port settings and try to communicate.

I have included here a zip file with the ADDAD-4 project.

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