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15/03/2021 14:54 #2126 da Sergej
GW-DLMS-485-SL7 è stato creato da Sergej
Hello, we have meet some timing issues by reading an itron SL7000.
In order to improve the timing, we would like to reduce the quantitiy or registers to be read from meter.
Is there any chance to do so?
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15/03/2021 15:18 #2127 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic GW-DLMS-485-SL7
Dear Segej
you can change parameter "Waiting time between readouts" in HomeDLMS page from 10 to 3600 seconds.

To decrease the number of obis sent by meter, you have to change the meter's configuration with his administration software; please ask to energy meter's installer/reseller of your region.

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