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locked RUT9xx Firmware via Bootloader Menu

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31/08/2018 12:45 #1446 da marcom
RUT9xx Firmware via Bootloader Menu è stato creato da marcom
RUT9xx Firmware via The Bootloader Menu

A Bootloader is a program that loads the operating system or some other system software for the router after completion of the power-on self-tests; it is the loader for the operating system itself. The Bootloader menu is the router's special state that can be achieved before the Bootloader loads up the router's OS. While the router is in this state you can use it to upgrade the router's Firmware, Bootloader version and ART partition. This chapter is guide on how to upgrade a RUT9xx router's Firmware via the Bootloader menu.

Firmware upgrade process via bootloader requires only few simple steps:
power OFF the device;
  • set a Static IP on your PC, e.g.
  • press and hold the RESET button on the back-panel side of the router;
  • power ON the router and wait 3-4 seconds until all LAN LEDs start blinking simultaneously, then - release the RESET button;
  • to enter the bootloader's WebUI, open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) in Private mode and enter;
  • once in bootloader's WebUI you can upgrade the firmware.
See the details below for more information on each of these steps.

Bootloader menu

Next, you'll need to reach the router's Bootloader menu. To do so, unplug the router's Power Supply Unit (PSU) and leave only one LAN Ethernet port plugged in (for your computer). The other LAN ports and the WAN Ethernet port have to remain unplugged for the duration of the following procedure.

Press and hold the Reset button. Plug the Power Supply back in while holding the Reset button. After plugging in the Power Supply, hold the Reset button for 3-4 sec. After this, all LAN port LEDs should start blinking.

Now you can enter the Bootloader menu. Open your web browser and enter your router's IP address into the URl field and add /index.html at the end ( This may not work if you have connected to the router's WebUI at least once before, since the URL's path may be cached. To solve this problem you can clear the browser's cache or, more simply, open the browser in a mode that doesn't cache browsing information. On Google Chrome it's called Incognito and can be reached by pressing ctrl+shift+n; on Mozilla Firefox it's called Private Browsing and can be reached by pressing ctrl+shift+p; on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer it's InPrivate, can be reached by pressing ctrl+shift+p.

Once you are in the Firmware upgrade window, upload the Firmware image and click the Update firmware button:

After this you should be greeted with a window such as this:

This means that the upgrade has started and you can close the browser window. The update itself takes a few seconds but the router will restart afterwards. The entire process before the router becomes reachable again will take 2-3 minutes.

You can also update the router's Bootloader and ART partition this way if needed. Instead of /index.html, the path for Bootloader is /uboot.html; for ART /art.html. You will find a guide on how to upgrade your Bootloader to a newer version here

IMPORTANT NOTE: don't forget to change back your PC's IP address because it might cause problems when connecting to other devices or no internet access if you haven't specified any DNS servers manually.

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