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22/04/2016 16:46 #262 da HC
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I have a problem with EnerConta Sensostar2.
Connected alone to RESI MBUS converter it works, while it doesn't if it is connected with other meters.
I cannot find it even with serial number.

RESI gateway used is for 8 and for 24 meters: on 8-one there are 5 meters, on 24-one there are 10 meters.

On terminals of meter there are 28VDC

Any hints? Is there some tries we can do?
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22/04/2016 16:47 - 22/04/2016 16:47 #263 da marcom
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Do you mean the Engelmann Sensostar 2 meter, because with EnerConta I do not find anything in the internet.

We have a special note on our homepage, awhat the problem with this meter is and how you can use this meter with our converters.

please take a look at:


This will help you a lot.

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