normal OPC SERVER DLMS WITH Itron/Actaris SL7000?

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08/02/2020 00:42 #1847 da Facu_YPF
OPC SERVER DLMS WITH Itron/Actaris SL7000? è stato creato da Facu_YPF

Could you please tell if this meters (Itron/Actaris SL7000) are compatible with the Marcom OPC?

Thank you!
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10/02/2020 10:44 #1850 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic OPC SERVER DLMS WITH Itron/Actaris SL7000?

our OPC Server DLMS is compatible with Itron SL7000 using both IEC62056-21 and DLMS protocols.
You can download demo version of software and install example projects where you can find a configuration for SL7000 meter: in this way you can easily test communication with your meter.

Please note by default SL7000 meters does not have IEC62056-21 protocol enabled on their serial ports; you have to enable it with Actaris/Itron software.

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