normal LED switch on with output?

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24/06/2017 17:06 #987 da Yellow
LED switch on with output? è stato creato da Yellow

I have a question for my 955 installed in my Adria camper.

I would like to switch a blue LED when the Wi-Fi AP is activated.
For the moment I'm swapping between two profiles

1 - WAN Wi-Fi Station mode + Backup LTE
2 - WAN Wi-Fi Station mode + Backup LTE + Wi-Fi AP inside.

Is it possible to send 12v on 4 or 5 and 8 outputs using a rule based on a profile?

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26/06/2017 10:28 #994 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic LED switch on with output?
Dear customer,

you can change Output default status in Services / Input/Output menu.

From there you can set Relay Output as Normally Closed in the profile with wifi AP ON.
You can use relay to switch LED power ON/OFF but power supply for that LED has to be taken from outside.

Best regards

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