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normal FMB120 various problems

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05/01/2018 10:21 #1261 da Agustín
FMB120 various problems è stato creato da Agustín
After doing some test I found, that I am not able to calibrate the accelerometer, with commands like, calibrate, auto_calibrate or get information with position_info. The problem is that the device simply does not respond to those commands, tell me if you can help me with that? The device works fine with other commands.

Testing the overspeeding alert, I found the next panorama, I set the trigger speed to 20 km/h, but device trigger the alert at 38 km/h(I check speed with the bluetooth connection), but it reported values by sms between 18-22 km/h (that is fine but the relationship with the real speed is wrong, it is even different from the speed that shows in the Bluetooth connection ).
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05/01/2018 10:21 - 20/01/2018 23:06 #1262 da marcom
Risposta da marcom al topic FMB120 various problems
Good morning,

Regarding auto calibration of Teltonika FMB120 Tracher :
There are two conditions when auto calibration takes place:
• If on device startup no calibration was detected;
• If the device receives an SMS/GPRS message with "auto_calibrate:set" text.
After functionality has started FMB device periodically checks current appliance GNSS, ignition and movement source parameters and if the conditions match:
• position fix got;
• GNSS speed is zero;
• ignition is ON;
• first calibration vector was not saved yet;
then first vector is taken. Saved vector will be considered as ground vector and it will be used at further calibration calculations.
Note: When FMB device saves first ground vector vehicle must be parked on flat ground. Crooked vector may have an impact on further calculations.
Afterwards first ground vector was taken, device analyses conditions:
• position fix got;
• GNSS speed is at least 20 km/h;
• ignition is ON;
• second vector was not saved yet;
• vehicle driving in the same direction with 5⁰ tolerance;
• vehicle speed increase by 7km/h within 1 second.
for next vector. Second vector will be taken if all conditions match. Immediately after second vector is received, it will be multiplied by first (ground) vector, the result of these vectors is vector multiplication cross product which is the right side of a car. By using same vector multiplication method, device front, left side will be calculated. At this point calibration is successfully ended as indication device sends an SMS/GPRS message with "Device is calibrated, to recalibrate send:auto_calibrate:set".
Note: SMS/GPRS message will be sent only if auto calibration functionality was triggered by SMS/GPRS message.
There are two conditions when auto calibration fails:
• The movement was not detected after 1 hour from the point when auto calibration functionality has started;
• Afterwards first movement was detected, but then vehicle stopped (no movement detected) and turned off ignition for 1 hour.
For user convenience in case auto calibration functionality fails then notification message will be sent. For exact messages, check algorithm section.
Note: SMS/GPRS message will be sent only if auto calibration functionality was triggered by SMS/GPRS message.
To get current calibration status "auto_calibrate:get" SMS/GPRS command must be sent to the device. If device is calibrated it will respond with "Calibration state: calibrated" or otherwise "Calibration state: not calibrated".

Regarding speed:
We already fixed this issue in 03.03.06 you can download this version from our repository: goo.gl/2EnShs

There was a mistake made that GPS speed was in knots (raw from NMEA) instead of km/h.

Best regards

Marcom S.r.l.
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