normal FMA110 set the tracker to transmit IO to the server via SMS

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13/02/2018 16:49 #1294 da Anonimi

I have a tracker that I need to have the ecternal power voltage transmitted over GPRS.
Can you kindly give me an example of how I can set the tracker to transmit this IO (External Voltage) to the server via SMS?

Thank you
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13/02/2018 16:51 #1295 da marcom
Dear Ruben,

Sms command to enable "External Voltage" I\O is:
<SMSlogin><space><SMSpassword><space>setparam 1380 1

For example:
123 asd setparam 1380 1

If there is no sms login or password set on device, just enter two spaces before the command:
setparam 1380 1

This command will enable "External Voltage" I\O element and it will be sent to server with every record sent.

It is possible to request External voltage via sms if I\O element is enabled.
To get an external voltage as sms response, this sms command must be sent:
<SMSlogin><space><SMSpassword><space>readio 66

Device will return the current External voltage.

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