Remodeling the bathroom, releasing intelligence values


  • Updated bathroom mode
  • Diversified sensors
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Intelligent display
  • Optimal user experience
  • Intelligent management

NO! Tearing down traditional toilets

Management of traditional toilets relies on manpower.

Limited human resources lead to several problems, resulting in poor user experience and poor management.

Have you ever been plagued by these problems?


Yes! Milesight Smart Restroom Solution

Milesight Smart Restroom Solution seamlessly integrates advanced operational and environmental sensors and IoT technologies, overcoming the limitations of traditional restrooms.

It intelligently replaces labor's sensory systems to convert what should be "felt," "smelled," "touched," "connected," and "told" into visible and easy-to-obtain information, realizing real-time monitoring and rapid response for an excellent user experience and more efficient management.


A fully sensible smart toilet

The unique smart toilet solution, equipped with various sensors and devices, eliminates all the problems involved in building a modern smart toilet.

Who can turn down a clean, fully functional, manageable and safe toilet with a great user experience?

Thanks to its great compatibility, it can be integrated with third-party devices and platforms to build broader and more comprehensive applications.


LoRaWAN devices are available in the store at the following link