RAK1921:WisBlock OLED Display
RAK1921:WisBlock OLED Display
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RAK1921:WisBlock OLED Display

WisBlock OLED Display

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RAK1921:WisBlock OLED Display

RAK1921 is a WisBlock IO which extends the WisBlock system with an OLED display. A ready to use SW library and tutorial makes it easy to visualize data of your WisBlock solution.

RAK1921 can be used for both text and graphic display in your application.

RAK1921 combined with the RAK4631 WisBlock Core gives your solution an user interface that is even in bright environments easy to read.

RAK1921 is ideal for battery-powered applications because of its low power consumption. In addition, the WisBlock system allows to power down the module complete to reduce the power consumption of the system even more.


  • 9.6inches OLED display
  • 128x64 pixel resolution
  • Bright white color on black background
  • I2C interface
  • Low power consumption

Package Inclusion

  • 1pc RAK1921
  • 1pc Mounting Kit