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Marcom S7.Net Snapshot. Quick save Datablock set values for the entire series SIMATIC S7 PLCs S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500 and the small LOGO via Ethernet network.

Marcom S7.Net Snapshot is an application able to communicate with Siemens© PLCs S7-200™, S7-300™, S7-400™, S7-1200™, S7-1500™ and LOGO™ , inverters SINVERT™ over Ethernet network!

It makes saving on file and restoring in the PLC the values of as many variables as you want easy and immediate. Ideal for programming with TIA portal to be able to make any changes to the Datablocks without losing the sets set by the user.
It is possible to import all the variables of a Datablock or to set one or more Byte or Word arrays to save the values of the entire DB and then be able to restore it.

For communication with Marcom S7.Net Snapshot is not necessary to change the PLC software. Access to the controllers can be made directly via Ethernet.

An algorithm of intelligent handling of requests for reading and writing helps to optimize the throughput of data in an extremely efficient: the reading block allows a refresh data without equal.

The configuration is done through a convenient graphical interface, either manually or through a tool for the import of symbolic names from STEP7 projects, Excel file or .db file exported from TIA Portal. Existing configurations can be exported to Excel for example by visualization systems or process control in order to be easily uploaded to Marcom S7.Net Snapshot.

The main features are:

Connections Access to process data from PLC S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500 and LOGO via Ethernet.
  • Configurator smart with automatic address syntax errors
  • Equipped with highly advanced tool for integration with software development Siemens Step 7: Allows the selection of DB and variables to be imported automatically in the configuration, DIRECTLY FROM PROJECT STEP 7!
  • Imported from .db file exported from TIA Portal
Supported OS Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit) + .NET Framework 4.0
Multilanguage Support Italian and English with HELP online

Available MPI-Ethernet gateway which allows use with PLC equipped with only MPI port.
It works transparently on an MPI port using the following gateways: NL50MPI Hilscher, NETLink PRO from Helmholz, NETLink PRO from Softing.

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