Modnet to Modbus

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Software gateway for the conversion between Modbus/TCP-RTU and Modbus/TCP-RTU, data saving on database.

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The Modnet-to-Modbus software manages the protocol conversion between Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU.

The software allows, without the purchase of another hardware, to convert in a simple and instant mode the Modbus protocol, from the TCP version to the RTU version and the reverse. The product acts as a gateway and allows to put in communication between their equipment with the communication systems of different physical levels.
It also allows you to save and read Modbus data from a database (MsSQL, MySQL, SQlite and CSV/TXT file).

All without the need to purchase hardware but using any PC present on location.

The most common scenarios for using the software are the following:

Concentrator: In this mode the software is configured as Master Modbus/TCP and RTU on some of its ethernet and serial interfaces. Through these interfaces, the software goes to interrogate the slaves present on RS485, RS232 or ethernet bus and maintains the acquired values in the memory. The values are then made available as Slave Modbus RTU and / or TCP for requests from the PLC, devices, SCADA that interrogate the product.

Gateway Multi-Master: the software can be configured as Master on one or more serial or ethernet interfaces, to more slave devices. The software can, in this way, manage of moving the data from one slave to the others, in an automatic time mode.

Multimaster Modbus on serial line: the software can occupy of interrogate slave devices present on one or more RS485 serial networks and respond to the interrogations of one or more Master Modbus RTU on other serial interfaces. In this way is possible to integrate in your network more than one master (for example SCADA and operator panel) 

The main features of the software are:

Link / Connections To more devices through Ethernet network (TCP, UDP) or RS232 / RS422 / RS485.
Support of IPV6 connections.
Configuration Intelligent configurator with automatic detection address syntax mistakes
Traffic analysis Analysis and recording of data exchanged on the network (performance analysis)
Diagnostic of communication at the level of variables, selective log per connection or per device.
Supported Datatype 16-bit signed integer
16-bit unsigned integer
32-bit signed integer
32-bit unsigned integer
64-bit signed integer
64-bit unsigned integer
32-bit real
64-bit real
Unsigned Measurement Values
Signed Measurement Values
String Values

Management of variables of boolean type for the holding register area and input register, with the Read-Modify-Write metodology for the writing
Support devices not standard Support the "block" management of complex variables, such as that used by the protections Thytronic ©.
Additional features Possibility of swap data to byte, word, double word
Support block transfer with settable size to optimize communication
Import/Export of created configurations 
Optimized communication speed for RTU serial protocol
Operating systems supported Windows 7/8/10/11 (32 bit and 64 bit) + .NET Framework 4.6.2.


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